Horticultural Studies (HortiS)     (Pages: 001-007)

Determination of Oil Content and Fatty Acid Composition of Twenty-Six Pecan Cultivars Grown in Türkiye


1 Batı Akdeniz Agricultural Research Instiute, 07100, Antalya, Türkiye DOI : 10.16882/HortiS.1225650 Viewed : 56 - Downloaded : 24 The aim of this study was to investigate the total oil content and fatty acid composition of 26 pecan cultivars oils. Significant differences were observed between the total oil contents and fatty acid composition of pecan cultivars (P<0.05). The oil contents of the cultivars changed between 69.35 (Comanche) and 77.08% (Curtis). The fatty acid composition of the pecan oils ranged from 56.17 to 71.55% monounsaturated fatty acids, from 20.23 to 34.78% polyunsaturated fatty acids, and 7.34 to 9.49% saturated fatty acids. The major fatty acid was oleic acid (55.91-71.27%), followed by linoleic (19.38-33.45%), palmitic (5.05-6.68%), stearic (1.97-3.42%), linolenic (0.79-1.55%), 11-Eicosenoic (0.22-0.30%) and arachidic acids (0.10-0.33%), respectively. The highest oleic acid content was found in the Choctaw cultivar. Tejas and Western cultivars showed the highest levels of linoleic acid. As a result, the data of this study may contribute to future breeding programs and the food industry regarding the selection of pecans with improved health and nutritional quality. It is suggested that pecan oil should be consumed due to its high-unsaturated fatty acid content for health benefits. Keywords : Carya illinoinensis Fatty acids Food industry Oil Pecan