Horticultural Studies (HortiS) 2015, Vol 32, Num, 2     (Pages: 171-186)

Good agricultural practices approach of greenhouse farmers in Antalya province

Betül SAYIN 1 ,Mehmet Ali ÇELİKYURT 1 ,Musa KUZGUN 1 ,Başak AYDIN 2

1 Batı Akdeniz Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü, Antalya
2 Atatürk Toprak Su ve Tarımsal Meteoroloji Araştırma Enstitüsü Müdürlüğü, Kırklareli
DOI : 10.16882/derim.2015.64269 Viewed : 1813 - Downloaded : 1011 This study was carried out with two groups of the greenhouse vegetable growers who produce or do not produce certified product of good agricultural practices (GAPs) in the province Antalya. The survey was applied to total 138 farmers. It was determined that there were differences between two groups in respect to professional experience and the number of subscribed organizations at % 5 significance level. There was also a significant relation between the presence of farmers` GAPs and presence of non-farm business, social security status, membership status to agricultural organizations and take office in the organization, contact frequency with technical personal and utilization status from other agricultural supports. As a result of the study, due to incentive effect of the application, it is suggested that state supports to good agricultural practices should be continued and the training organized for producers in this regard should be effectively maintained. Visual presentation and publishing activities aimed at increasing the demand for GAP products in the domestic market should also be carried out. Keywords : Good agricultural practices, Greenhouse farming, Farmers` tendency, Attitude towards innovation